5.0/5 from DOPE Directory

We are so thrilled with this detailed review of our moonrocks! Here is an excerpt: "I popped the top on my container of Kaviar Moon Rocks to reveal a small glass jar inside. Hiding inside its little glass stasis chamber was a gorgeous oil dripping gem of marijuana goodness. In tried and true style, the nugget of cannabis was not only doused in an epic portion of oil but it was also coated with a thick layer of sugary keef. Not one who’s ever satisfied with a cursory inspection I procured a clean Exacto knife to go in for some surgery. As the blade slogged down through the oil I was able to reveal the nuggetty heart of the marijuana moon rock. The inside of the nugget had a dark amber glow f

Putting the HIGH in Mile High City

Huge thank you to OutFront magazine for the feature: When one thinks of premier cannabis products, a joint may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But for Kaviar, a company that has made a name for themselves with their signature pre-rolls featuring cannabis rolled in kief, joints are certainly a high-end commodity.“Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to build a brand that both customers and dispensaries could count on for professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation,” explained Kali Mutty, marketing director at Kaviar. “From production to packaging to working with our customers, Kaviar is focused on these principles. Our proprietary blend of top shelf flower, highly

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