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KAVIAR CONES: The Triple Threat of Joints

We'd like to thank DOPE Magazine for featuring our cones in their magazine and on their website!

"If you want to experience a powerfully unique high and feel like a badass in the process, treat yourself to a luxury pre-rolled joint by Kaviar, a special line of cannabis now available in Colorado. Kaviar Cones are made from premium buds that are soaked in hash oil, rolled in kief, perfectly wrapped in a raw paper and then topped off with a branded glass smoking tip. Available as sativa, indica or hybrid, there’s a Kaviar Cone for every occasion. The trifecta of cannabis components deliver an extra potent and instantly cerebral effect, while the intense yet smooth flavor lingers pleasantly. They also burn nice and slow due to the hash oil, making it an ideal choice to share with a friend or two.

“Moon Rock”-style buds derive their name from their ridiculously dense appearance. A layer of keif adds a magnificent amount of aesthetic appeal.

The branded glass tip that comes with each pre-roll seals the deal."

Read full article here:

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